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How to Restore Your Wix Website

Mistakes and changes happen, but with Wix, restoring previous versions of your website is a breeze. This guide provides a simple walkthrough on how to effortlessly revert to earlier site versions, ensuring you have control and flexibility over your website's evolution.

How to Restore Your Wix Website:

1. Use Undo Button for a quick undo:

  • Look for the undo button in the Wix Editor toolbar.

  • Alternatively, use shortcut Ctrl+Z (Command+Z on Mac) for a quick undo.

undo action button wix editor

2. Explore Site History:

  • For a more comprehensive undo, click on "Site History" in the "Site" menu.

3. Navigate the Version Timeline:

  • Scroll through your website's version timeline.

  • Find the specific version you want to restore.

4. Click "Restore" for a Full Undo:

  • Click on "Restore" to revert to the chosen version.

5. Confirm and Review:

  • Confirm your choice and review the changes in the Wix Editor.

6. Save and Publish:

  • Save any edits made, then publish your site to make the changes live.


Wix makes it easy to manage your site's versions, offering a straightforward process to undo changes or revert to a preferred state. Use this guide to quickly restore your Wix website versions and maintain a seamless online presence.

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